Separation By Selfie Stick

Alright, everyone wants pictures of themselves doing cool things- I get it. Who doesn’t want to document their travels, and pictures are great proof you were actually there, right? I love a good picture of myself in front of the Taj Mahal or Machu Pichhu, however, I am not a fan of the selfie stick- I don’t own one, and never will. Here’s why.

The selfie stick prevents you from interacting with other people while you are traveling. You have no incentive to talk with other people, and are happily stuck taking pictures of yourself with your selfie stick in your own little world. Some of my greatest memories and learning experiences abroad have been from interacting with local people and other travelers in the community.  It’s not that hard to ask someone to take your picture, and you might just meet a really awesome person that you have something in common with- I mean, you are both in the same place, might as well talk with each other!

Also, you kind of look like a fool (sorry, not sorry), and miss out what is going on around you. I once took a boat ride in Peru with a lady that was totally oblivious to all the beauty around her because she was- you guessed it- playing with her selfie stick the entire time, and taking pictures of herself. It was sad to see this woman so consumed with taking pictures of herself, to the point where she totally missed what was actually going on around her. She missed the incredible rock formations, the beautiful ocean, and the massive walruses dotting the rock islands in Ica. Is a picture really that important?

So, the whole point of this is to engage with the world around you!! My memories of where I’ve been and what I have done are just as precious as my pictures.Talk to people around you and separate from your selfie stick- you don’t need it- really!  Other people can take pictures for you just as well, and you might make some new friends too.

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