10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda

So I went to Rwanda on a whim and didn’t know much. I knew about the 1994 genocide, but had no clue what to expect. Whatever I thought it would be like was completely wrong. Had I know how lovely Kigali was, I’d have spent at least a week there. I will be back, and here’s why.

1. Rwanda is insanely beautiful- picture rolling hills, spotted with houses and crops everywhere. Every corner you turn is absolutely breathtaking- pictures don’t do it justice.

2. The people are amazing and stunningly attractive. I met the kindest people who were accommodating, polite, and intelligent. They don’t like to be photographed as they were exploited a bit after the genocide, but strike up a conversation with about anyone and with permission it should be alright to snap away.

3. It’s super clean- there’s a mandatory cleaning day once a month- even the president cleans. They also have a great waste management and recycling program around town.

4. It’s safe to walk around at night. I explored for about an hour way past dark by myself and was totally comfortable. I felt very comfortable wondering around on foot solo day and night.

5. There’s a lot to do in Kigali. From museums to walking tours to markets- you will not get bored. The saunas and massages are a must.

6. There’s even more to do in the countryside, like track massive gorillas, trek, safari, it’s such an amazing landscape.

7. The country is rapidly developing. There’s construction going on everywhere and the city is developing quickly- big buildings and bright lights mixed with dirt roads and local markets.

8. The food is delicious- with vegetarian options too!! Saying I’m vegetarian in Africa is sometimes like saying I don’t breathe air- but not here. Very veg friendly with delicious food options.

9. They are health conscious!! They don’t cook with oil- just water, and spices and people run all around town. Exercise is a thing here.

10. The weather is lovely (temperate and mildly sunny throughout the day-comfortable to walk around) and you can ride moto-taxi’s around all day & night- what more could you want?

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