Instead of writing a full post about this magnificent rose-colored city, I really just want to post my photos. I’m not going to lie, I could barely pay attention to my guide giving me the history of this place, because I was so enamored with the beauty of the rocks and colors. My inner 5 year old just wanted to climb everything.

My tour guide was an interesting chap. Jordanian, but living in Italy, he was in a grad program and studying tourists responses or reactions to historical sites. I was actually the first American he’d met-or should I say observed? Not sure how Americans panned out in his study based on my reactions, but he did accurately guess my astrological sign! He also schooled me on my religious history- guess I should have payed attention in my Catholic school days. Apparently Moses was in Petra, and his brother lived on a hill nearby- pretty cool.

Anyway, Petra is beautiful. I played in ruins all day like a blissed-out child. I climbed like 1,000 (no joke) steps to an incredible monastery on top of a hill. After a full day of exploring and rock climbing, there was still so much more to discover. Oh, and there is little Petra, which is smaller, but equally as incredible. So, enjoy the pictures and go to Petra, Jordan!



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