New Year, New Shoes

My life has gone through a complete transformation this year. This has been the year of change and growth. My job is now different, I have like 75% less stuff, I’m saying goodbye to my home of 4 years, I’ve said buh-bye to my twenties, but there’s one thing I’ve yet to part with. My running shoes- that I’ve had for my entire adult running career- way too long. I can explain (don’t judge me please).

They are more than just running shoes. It’s taken me a long time to find a healthy lifestyle. I started running about 6 years ago when I moved to Miami, and really struggled with it at first. I was out of breath, cramping, had shooting pains in my feet, a negative attitude, and I was a digestive hot mess. Then, I sought out the perfect pair of running shoes (because that would fix everything).

It was a long search, but, I found them! I went on to train and successfully complete a half marathon (In under 2 hours- I struggled with 4 miles at first). Since then, running is an important part of my life. I feel centered and healthy when I run. It’s just that, I still have those shoes, 6 years and probably thousands of miles later (embarrassing, I know). I told a shoe salesperson that once and they actually walked away from me, shaking their head- oops. For real, I know it’s not the shoes that changed everything, but still, I’m kind of  attached.

They’ve got to go. In the process of letting go of all my worldly possessions, I realized I’m not necessary attached to the shoes, it’s what they represent or what they mean to me that’s important. They helped me transform life life to become a healthy person, to become comfortable with my body and in my own skin. They’ve ran with me in every country I’ve traveled to, in moments when I feel complete peace running, and moments when I was miserable and wanted to give up.

I’ll take my memories with me, but these beat up shoes are not leaving NYC. I promise. New Year, new shoes, new adventures.

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