Warm Feelings 

Not just because I finally escaped the winter. Starting the trip with friends in Costa Rica was a great idea. As soon as I saw my friend’s warm smile, I was instantly at ease and reassured that I made the right decision to travel and come to this beautiful country. 

It’s such an honour to meet a friend’s family and to be welcomed into their home. Not just welcomed, invited to stay with them and greeted like family. I’m always overwhelmed at the kindness I’m shown abroad. People go out of their way to help me and welcome me to a new country. 

I haven’t seen my friend in over a year, but it feels like we just had dinner in New York yesterday. Some friends are like that. I’m lucky to have people like that all over the world. I haven’t even been here for a full day and I’ve already been to a traditional dance, eaten delicious Costa Rican food, and learned so much about the culture- including what Pura Vida means. 

Truly, Costa Rica is like a dream. Green, lush, rolling hills (actually I think they are volcanos), beaches, and valleys. The city of San Jose literally sparkles from the view on top of one of the mountains. The weather is warm and breezy. I’m feeling the love here, and feeling the warmth. Now, on to some beaches, hot springs, and hiking! 

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