Messy Valentines

My Valentines today were about 100 screaming kids- complete madness. I’m introducing a yoga program to a daycare/ school in one of the townships. My first day, Valentine’s Day, was a hot mess to say the least.

I’m not sure what I expected to happen, but I walking into a class room of 5 years olds that immediately started climbing me, poking my bum, and hanging on my ankles. Awesome. After 10 minutes I got them to quiet down and started my lesson, which didn’t get very far. No mats, no space, children laying on the ground with their arms and legs stretched out- naturally they started kicking each other.

Alright, stand up. Reach for the sky! Little hand reaching up grabs yoga teachers chest. Awkward. Flushed yoga teacher removes hand. Now, touch your toes. We stand up and kid grabs chest again, other kids laugh. I give up. Clearly, yoga does not interest these kids at all. Improvizing. Boat pose seems to a least entertain them. Tree pose is interesting, until they start grabbing each other for support and fall like domino’s. Kids roll around on the floor. Fail.

When all else fails- savasana. Corpse pose. I’m done. We all lay down in a circle, I can feel their little eyes peeping open to look at what I’m doing. Laying quietly, I feel a hard pinch on my arm- ouch!! The little girl next to me pinched my arm hard. No- I push her hand away and tell her to lay still. Pinch number 2, even harder. All I can do at this point is laugh. They are kids. Sometimes the best I can do is just not take it so seriously. Things rarely go as I envisioned, but it’s better that way.

I will be spending my Valentine’s Day researching yoga poses for children. I can’t help but think of all the situations in my life today that haven’t worked out as I thought they would (or should). Not disasters, but opportunities to grow and learn. The more I experience, the more I learn about myself. Today I’m grateful for my sense of humor, that things are just as they should be, and my messy, pint- sized Valentine’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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