What Am I Doing?

Great question. Also, one of the most frequently asked questions along with how old I am (followed by why are you not married) and how I feel about Trump. Most frequently my answer is I don’t know- depending on who I am talking to and when. I still don’t have answers for most of these questions, but I do know what I am doing, for the next few months at least. 

In exactly one week I will be leaving my new home in South Africa (I’ll be back) and heading on an overland camping trip through Southern Africa. I will start in Cape Town and go up through the entire country of Namibia- think dessert, coast, tribes, and all. I will then cross over to Botswana and go up and over to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (bucket list).

After Victoria Falls, I hop on over to Livingstone, where I get scooped up and taken to a small/rural village- like no electricity small- to build huts with the locals before going back to South Africa for a few weeks. In mid-April I fly to Madagascar for a month where I will be working on a forest conservation project and living in a beach hut, chilling with lemurs.

While I adore my home and community I’ve built in Cape Town, I’m determined to see the surrounding countries- and I’m really not that great at staying in one place. If you’d like to follow my route, you can do so via the picture I’ve included or check out my full itinerary by clicking here.

I still really don’t know what I am doing in the long term (does anyone really know?), how my travels abroad will change me, or how this trip will impact my life. I am learning that the journey is precious and to not focus so much on the destination, which is ever evolving, unknown, and quite temporary- everything changes. I am learning to enjoy moments along the way and to let the outcome or the destination just unfold.


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