Victoria Falls

After about an hour wait at the border, we enter Zimbabwe and head to the final destination of out trip- Victoria Falls. But first, a few things about Zimbabwe: it’s expensive- like New York City expensive. Zimbabwe money is completely worthless, so they are using US money, and it’s impossible to get. There is only one ATM in town with money and you can only withdraw $50 at a time, with a $5 charge (and yes, there is a line).

So, after all that- the falls. Vic Falls is breath-taking. A slippery stone path leads you all around the falls, which is adorned with multiple rainbows. A thunderous river free falls into just one area of the many waterfalls that produce a fountain of mist, which can be seen from miles away. Zambia is on the other side and a bridge connects the two countries over the falls- I look from a safe distance into the depths of the thrashing water below. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be, far bigger than Niagara Falls.

I stop, mesmerized all at the view points- it seems there at least 10 cliffs where the massive waterfalls empty out. I walk through the lush, green pathways around the falls, exploring all the angles. Rainbows can be seen from all angles and as you approach the edge, mist is blown onto you like a sudden downpour, sending all the bystanders running back with sudden screams. I made the mistake of wearing jean shorts and a white t-shirt, which were dripping wet after just 5 minutes.

Animals roam freely, warthogs eat the grass on the side of the road, baboons run past me as I walk down the street, startling me (I thought it was a dog), and elephants walk about looking for food. Vendors sell crafts, love, and millions of worthless Zimbabwe money on the streets. Used books are sold at astounding prices ($20- crazy). Men profess their love freely as I walk down the street, it’s a small, transient town, everyone knows each other, and I stand out quite obviously as a tourist. Vic Falls gets even more interesting in tomorrow’s post about hats. 🤗

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