The mountains rise up to greet me in the morning,

Mile high sun kisses my face,

Beckoning me outside. 

Magic happens everyday,

In the Alpine lakes, rivers, gulches,

In the mountains is where I play.

They change their clothes from season to season,

White snow caps, brown peaks,

Constant reminders of how small I am,

How powerful, beautiful, unpredictable nature is.

Like a bipolar lover. 

I bask in your warmth and beauty,

And run away from your wrath. 

But your warmth is so warm, so powerful.

Look west, a wall of majesty. 

The Rockies envelop me,

Denver is a city of energy. 

The best discovery. 

I’ll make my home in the Aspen trees. 

Red Rocks, music, food, creativity, 

I thought the East Coast was the only place for me,

After escaping St Louis, Missouri.

Fast paced, direct, culture, chemistry,


Don’t stop and relax, 

You might miss out. 

It became part of my identity.

Now I see, 

The mountains have set my soul free. 

I relax and take it easy.

Hike and ski,

Sit back and write poetry.

I know that your majesty, 

Will always be. 

When the sun rises over my city.


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