I will hide inside of you,

And make my home in your leaves. 

I’m safe here, 

Protected, sheltered. 

Your branches are my shield,

They hang down, 

Wrap around, 

My fear and insecurities. 

And I can always count on the trees,

To hide and protect me. 

I wrap myself around the willows, 

The earth is my bed, the roots are my pillows. 

I’ll stay here, beneath the willow tree. 

Until I have a better place to be.  

Your roots go so deep, 


Yet your leaves sway so gently.

I want to be like you,

To move so elegantly,

And stand firm, 

In the face of uncertainty. 

In some ways I’m eternally a child,

Trying to be, 

An adult, confident, commanding, free.

But I’m still dreaming and playing, 

Underneath the willow tree.

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