Hey Alexa

Turn off the lights,

Sweep the floor,

Because I can’t do things for myself anymore. 

Alexa now lives with us all,


Our new AI girlfriend is really a troll.

Hey Alexa,

Play my favorite song.

It doesn’t seem like anything’s wrong.

She’s now in my home, my bedroom,

My space.

We think we can turn it on and off,

And it won’t trace,

All of our actions. 

Hey Alexa,

Tell me what I think,

What do I want to watch? To drink? 

To listen to,

What do I want to say? 

I don’t even know how to play,

Music anymore. 

I’ll do whatever you suggest. 

Hey Alexa,

I’m so impressed,

That you have all the answers.

At least you talk back to me,

And make me feel less lonely.

Maybe it’s nice having Alexa around,

She’ll even cheer you up when your down.

We no longer have to do menial things, 

But is it worth it,

To give up our privacy? 

And all that it brings.

Yet I’ve invited you into my home. 

A Trojan horse,

Attached to our phone.

But you know me so well,

You know all the things I like,

So that Amazon can sell more,

So they can get it just right. 

But she’s just here to make life easier,

Alexa’s marketing strategy,

Is to appease you. 

Hey Alexa,

I’ll tell you all my secrets,

And let’s pretend that they’re just between us.

It’s not data. 

You can listen to anything I say,

And I’ll even pay,

For you to take over my life.

Hey Alexa. 

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