Social Unawareness

You walk on your own streets,
Unaware of others needs.
You stop in the middle,
Causing the natural flow,
To fracture, to whittle.
Socially unaware,
It’s clear you don’t care,
About the people around you.

But how is it possible to be so blind?
How do you participate in life,
Always lost in your own mind.
Do you ever find,
Meaningful relationships.

I try to engage with you,
To pursue,
A conversation.
My life is interesting,
Yet you talk about nothing.
A compulsion to fill the silence.
And you don’t ask me questions.
But I must talk about myself too,
If I want to connect with you.
Yet the connection is not true,
A one side sided interaction,
You’re dancing with yourself.
You might as well be talking,
To animals at the zoo.
I’m no longer listening,
I’m a prisoner of your self-centered
You’re holding me hostage,
With your lack of intention.

I can sense that your incapable
Of being socially aware.
Thinking of others is rare.
We are all consumed by our own worlds,
But how do we get out of them?
Can social skills be taught?
You may be able to pass all the tests,
Yet this country is fraught,
With inattention, self-centeredness,
How do we get out of this mess?
Undo a lifetime of unawareness,
How do we learn to think about others,
And step out of ourselves.

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