I must wear it when I enter
But not when I sit down
Don’t you think particles can get around
This invisible barrier
As long as it makes you feel better

It’s like sitting in the non-smoking section
Thinking that you won’t be affected
By what’s already in the air
Smoke travels
It’s an enclosed space
Maybe we don’t care about logic anymore
We eat snacks just the same
Sitting on the plane
Removing our masks next to each other
But our germs better remain
In their places
For the few moments we are exposed
A thin piece of cloth will save us
Better keep it
Imposed on our faces

We can’t exist in a room
Without covering our face
We now prefer to Zoom
Only communicate with your eyes
Can’t smile at babies
Or attractive guys
Don’t sneeze or breathe on me
God forbid you cough in public
You’d better not go
Any time you feel remotely sick

Some even mask alone
In their car
Talking on the phone
Running down the street
Threw a filter
You’d better hide
We’re not even safe outside
Still you must comply
But are we safe anywhere?

We just need rules
Mask mandates
Enforced, political tools
To control us
Make us feel like we’re doing something
We’re definitely winning
Virtue signaling
Put your mask on
We’re still going strong
Yet we’ve known all along
We need to see each other

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