I walk at night
With no place to go
Illuminated by the iridescent light
The soft snow falling around me
I’m alone
The streets are empty
The sky reflects off the dull white
Glowing brightly
A hazy melancholy

I bundle up tightly
Can’t feel my toes
But I want to walk
I wore all my clothes
To get lost
To be in the snow

Soft flakes kiss my face
In the vacant night
I have so much space
So much room
A faint outline of the full moon
Subtly shines through

I move through the snow gently
With no place to be
Called forth by the storm
My desire to think
Stronger than my want to be warm

It’s like seeing the streets
With no makeup on
Just before they go to sleep

An intimate moment
A special time
Walking in the snow at night
Is my secret
My peace of mind

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