Your mind is a traitor that has betrayed youIt has left behind a bodyBut stolen your personalityYour ability to have a conversationYour presence is hereAlthough not really We all pretend like you are the sameWhat you have created still standsSurrounded by your familyReminiscing about who you used to beYour wisdom and generosity I found you … Continue reading Dementia

Band Aid

You stuck to me like a band aidThe colorful oneThat you put on sometimesJust for fun Giving my days a rosy hueI’ll dig throughAll my cluttered bagsFor you Soothing my woundsYet you leave a residueWhen I tried to take you offSo I decided to keep youAn extra layerI try to make belong A charismatic plasterAlways … Continue reading Band Aid


I sat down in meditationAnd lost myselfMy mind went on vacationMy body started to humFull of vibration And I turned intoA ball of cottonFluffy and whiteWispyFloating freeWithout a bodyMy normal life has been forgotten An open windowA gentle breezeCauses the slightest movementWeightless and free It shifts me slightlyOff my cushionI roll and floatThrough the mediationAcross … Continue reading Cotton


I walk at nightWith no place to goIlluminated by the iridescent lightThe soft snow falling around meI’m aloneThe streets are emptyThe sky reflects off the dull whiteGlowing brightlyA hazy melancholy I bundle up tightlyCan’t feel my toesBut I want to walkI wore all my clothesPreparedTo get lostTo be in the snow Soft flakes kiss my … Continue reading Snow


Life feels like I’m running on a treadmillTo no availNo lost weight, just time.Like dieting, desperatelyJust to findI look the sameNothing’s changedNo matter what I doI’ll never be able to fit that small size Why still try?It seems as if the GodsHave already decidedThey are against meA fight with realityA fruitless effortA frustrating ride I … Continue reading Why


What is it to be freeIs it to think independentlyTo have lots of moneyBuy anything you wantOwn propertyBe on the right side of the red lineTo have status and credibility Do we get it when we are wealthyOr when we learn to set boundariesMaybe it’s not blaming othersTaking personal responsibilityOver our livesOr does it have … Continue reading Freedom


How to make the right decisionAnd is there a right oneIf I choose one path, do I forfeit anotherI’ve made my choice but I still wonderWhat I should have done Making choices is hardI try to go with the flowBut even after I decideIt’s hard to knowWhat I should have chose I sit here and … Continue reading Decisions


I release my deepest desiresThrough my eyesI still don’t have an answerI still don’t know whyMust I always fill up my timeFor it isn’t until I have spaceThat I can arrange and placeMy feelingsMy dreams unrealizedQuiet my mind I’m a relationship with the SunI found the oneIt’s bright and yellowA handsome fellowThe trees whisperDon’t be … Continue reading Release


I must wear it when I enterBut not when I sit downDon’t you think particles can get aroundThis invisible barrierAs long as it makes you feel better It’s like sitting in the non-smoking sectionThinking that you won’t be affectedBy what’s already in the airSmoke travelsIt’s an enclosed spaceMaybe we don’t care about logic anymoreWe eat … Continue reading Masks