I’m curly 

DNA spirals on my head define me 

It’s part of my identity 

I can’t whip my pony 

Or run my fingers through my hair 

But my curls bounce and play 

Medusa all day 

A life of their own 

Curls wildly

Spring back

Grows like a Chia pet

Expands in humidity 

Adds personality 

You can always recognize me 

Third-day washed hair is perfection

I get it cut reluctantly

Makes you question my ethnicity


Curly fry 

Banana curl

Catches leaves 

Even gets tangled in a fruit tree

Perfect curls 

Must fall naturally

Don’t doll me up 

No blow dryers for me

My hair must be free 


Don’t touch me with your irons 

Straighteners, chemically 

I drink in all the moisture, oils 

Conditioner is my hairs plea

Embrace the frizzy

Some people even pay money

But I got it all for free

I once hated it

And learned to love it gradually

Curly is the way to be

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