Surf’s Up

Surfs up- and I’m down. Nothing turns out the way I think it will be. I had visions of myself killing it- surfing like a pro on the perfect waves of the warm South African ocean in the sun. Well. That was a nice vision, but not quite reality. Continue reading “Surf’s Up”


Yes, health. As in my health and the public health system in Costa Rica. Not ideal, but 3 days into my lovely trip I got sick- like really sick. Maybe because I drank the water, or ate a tortilla de queso unheated (I know, breaking all the gringo rules). Continue reading “Salud”

New Year, New Shoes

My life has gone through a complete transformation this year. This has been the year of change and growth. My job is now different, I have like 75% less stuff, I’m saying goodbye to my home of 4 years, I’ve said buh-bye to my twenties, but there’s one thing I’ve yet to part with. My running shoes- that I’ve had for my entire adult running career- way too long. I can explain (don’t judge me please). Continue reading “New Year, New Shoes”

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