Deserve is a strange wordWe need a reward for just beingAll of our desires must be heardBy the UniverseWhich should cater to our needsOur purpose and meaning But who gets what they wantWho is deservingAnd who gets punishmentDoes anyone deserve to be the bruntOf the worlds cruelty?The harsh divide between you and me? Does everyone … Continue reading Deserving


I stare at myself in the mirrorExpression linesCreasesCrinklesA story etched into my foreheadWhen did I get wrinkles? I want them to leaveExit immediatelyI rub creams, oils, masksApply sunscreen desperatelyI wonder if you see what I seeInstead of looking into my eyesYou are looking at my linesFolds that tell you I’m getting old Markers of my … Continue reading Lines


I knew the moment you smiled at meWe locked eyesAnd I returned your smile shylyI’d see you again You come back the next dayI lay on your tableMelting under your warm touchYou slowly undressCaress and teaseI loll in the cool Jamaican breezeYou slip off my pantsStroke my thighsInvite me to danceTo the hum of the … Continue reading Jamaica


I sit on the ledgeWaves lap at my feetI’m content, yet not presentYou’re always on my mindSo many things I’m searching forI have yet to find Tears fall for the things I wantA feeling that will never stayI don’t believe in GodOtherwise I would prayFor you I wonder where you areI know I’m so far … Continue reading Maputo

Left Behind

Freedom cannot be boughtIt’s something you’re born withBut why do I have itWhile you do notYour natural birth orderPrevents you from crossingAn arbitrary borderYou can’t see what I seeBut you didn’t do anythingTo be in that positionA passport is the keyBut you can’t get oneIt’s random luckUnfortunately you’re stuckIn the place where you’ve always beenWithout … Continue reading Left Behind

Swipe Right

Swipe right if you like what you seeBut you don’t really see meHow do you choose oneWhen you can always pick anotherThe next best thing is yet to comeWith the next swipeIt’s never quite right Welcome to the world of dreamsWhere everyone seems perfectMake yourself seem like the best versionFunny, smart, well wordedAlways searchingBut it’s … Continue reading Swipe Right

Social Unawareness

You walk on your own streets,Unaware of others needs.You stop in the middle,Causing the natural flow,To fracture, to whittle.Socially unaware,It’s clear you don’t care,About the people around you. But how is it possible to be so blind?How do you participate in life,Always lost in your own mind.Do you ever find,Meaningful relationships. I try to engage … Continue reading Social Unawareness


I stand in a sea of mountains,  And ask,  Why have I been trying to make you love me?  Love either is or is not.  How silly of you to think you can create something out of nothing.  It was already here,  This love,  You just had to find it,  Within yourself.  I am the … Continue reading Love

Green Eyes

My eyes are jade daggers, light dancing Reflections of sadness and all things felt but not said A portal into my soul Dimension and color that morphs with tears My eyes say all the things words cannot They speak every language and understand every emotion They smile  My beauty is not external, but internal and … Continue reading Green Eyes