Band Aid

You stuck to me like a band aidThe colorful oneThat you put on sometimesJust for fun Giving my days a rosy hueI’ll dig throughAll my cluttered bagsFor you Soothing my woundsYet you leave a residueWhen I tried to take you offSo I decided to keep youAn extra layerI try to make belong A charismatic plasterAlways … Continue reading Band Aid


I stare at myself in the mirrorExpression linesCreasesCrinklesA story etched into my foreheadWhen did I get wrinkles? I want them to leaveExit immediatelyI rub creams, oils, masksApply sunscreen desperatelyI wonder if you see what I seeInstead of looking into my eyesYou are looking at my linesFolds that tell you I’m getting old Markers of my … Continue reading Lines


Life feels like I’m running on a treadmillTo no availNo lost weight, just time.Like dieting, desperatelyJust to findI look the sameNothing’s changedNo matter what I doI’ll never be able to fit that small size Why still try?It seems as if the GodsHave already decidedThey are against meA fight with realityA fruitless effortA frustrating ride I … Continue reading Why


I knew the moment you smiled at meWe locked eyesAnd I returned your smile shylyI’d see you again You come back the next dayI lay on your tableMelting under your warm touchYou slowly undressCaress and teaseI loll in the cool Jamaican breezeYou slip off my pantsStroke my thighsInvite me to danceTo the hum of the … Continue reading Jamaica


What is it to be freeIs it to think independentlyTo have lots of moneyBuy anything you wantOwn propertyBe on the right side of the red lineTo have status and credibility Do we get it when we are wealthyOr when we learn to set boundariesMaybe it’s not blaming othersTaking personal responsibilityOver our livesOr does it have … Continue reading Freedom


I sit on the ledgeWaves lap at my feetI’m content, yet not presentYou’re always on my mindSo many things I’m searching forI have yet to find Tears fall for the things I wantA feeling that will never stayI don’t believe in GodOtherwise I would prayFor you I wonder where you areI know I’m so far … Continue reading Maputo

The Ocean At Night

The ocean at nightIs mysteriousA dark loverThat holds all the secrets I know you are thereBut I cannot see youWaves roll in from the darknessInviting me in rhythmic motion The ocean at night is intimateI walk along the edgeOf a cool saline sadnessDancing with the water Daring it to come closerPlaying with the unknownBlack expanseIn … Continue reading The Ocean At Night


I walk amongst the ruinsThe visible passage of timeLife displayed outsideAnd I think about mine Nature dominates all that we createWe think we are in controlYet the gnarled branches overtakeThe wild chaos determines our fateWe plant the seeds and must surrenderTo the overgrown brush and weedsRough and rugged, somehow tender Amongst tall grass and flowersIs … Continue reading Wilderness


I release my deepest desiresThrough my eyesI still don’t have an answerI still don’t know whyMust I always fill up my timeFor it isn’t until I have spaceThat I can arrange and placeMy feelingsMy dreams unrealizedQuiet my mind I’m a relationship with the SunI found the oneIt’s bright and yellowA handsome fellowThe trees whisperDon’t be … Continue reading Release


When do I become an adultAnd if I become oneDo I stay that way? Is it a state of mindLike being highThat I can slip in and out ofWhen it wears offGo back to my childish ways And then do I make a decisionTo be an adult againI do my laundry and pay my billsIt’s … Continue reading Adults