Garbage, you know. 

Roasting, rotting food. Rats scampering, summer trash days in New York City. Piled high on the edges, masks to mute the smell. Walk faster, past the piss and garbage shit smells. The most expensive city. Trash. Filth. Layers upon layers of dirt, rot, excrement. Layers of an onion. Rotting onion. 

Spilled drinks, dog shit, human shit, homelessness, digging in the trash. Pretend like you don’t see it.

A model walking down a trash runway. Dancing down the dirty, smeared sidewalk in a suit. Trash art, street art. In style.

Body odor on the subway. A slow trickle on the floor. Rat smashed in the door. Stand clear. Don’t say anything. Eyes down.

Outdoor dining in trash. Fine dining. Hungry? 

China Town, hosing down that sharp fish smell.


You get used to it. I only see it for a few days and then it becomes normal. Ease into it like cold bath. It’s still shocking, the first day. Then fades away. Every time I come back it’s shocking.

Close toed shoes only. 

I love this city, I say on a crisp evening in Brooklyn, it really feels like home. A piece of trash is lifted up by the summer breeze and hits me in the face.

Is this natural? To live in trash? It’s expensive, desirable, you know. I wonder if everyone sees it. Is shocked by it’s unending presence. The first day. But what do you see?

Ignore all the things that offend, at every glance, every smell. It’s fine. Don’t you feel the energy? Close your eyes.

It’s the greatest city in the world you know. 


From NYC to Namibia

Namibia is hot- dry hot. Most of the country is uninhabited. The landscape is stunning and always surprises me as I drive up through the Namib desert into the skeleton coast. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the population of 2 million in the entire country, compared to the 8 something million in New York City alone. The two places couldn’t be more different- in New York it’s impossible not to run into someone, in Namibia you must go out of your way to do so. Continue reading “From NYC to Namibia”

The Space Between

While this phrase has many meanings, I think it’s so appropriate to describe how I feel/what I’m experiencing at the moment. I’m in between, and being in between can be hard and confusing. I’ve experienced and explored this before in all my life moves (there’s been a lot). Leaving a place is hard as you are letting go, and the space in between before you transition to something new can be a rather uncomfortable place. Being in between in general, whether its between cultures, people, places can be complicated. Continue reading “The Space Between”

My New York

I’m so in love with this city it takes my breath away. The feeling of walking around with nowhere to be and everywhere to go. The skyline at dusk walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. A single persons curse and paradise. The most walkable and entertaining city. Grungy, charming, harsh, crowded. New York is everything. I’ve looked all over the world, but there’s no other like it. Continue reading “My New York”

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