There’s something about going deep into nature that reminds me – I can let go. I don’t have to hold on so tightly to all the things I want. I don’t have to know. This journey is slow I zigzag across the river, falling deeper into nature, not seeing a soul The desolate wilderness makes … Continue reading Uphill


I am full of holesA human sieveEmotions pour through meBut they don’t stayI am puttyI allow people to playMold my identitySometimes irresponsibly There are holes in my soulMy experiences are vagueI can’t make sense ofAny feeling, any dayNothing sticksEverything flows through meWhile time passes away My mind is full of holesThings that happened long agoMorpthed … Continue reading Holes

The Truth

What is the truth?A perceptionA feelingA created realityThe space that existsBetween you and meYou say I’m toxicI think I’m healthyWhich one of us can’t see? Is truth what existsWhen there is silenceWhen the mind is quietIf the mind is ever quietHow can we find it Our truths are not the sameOne persons truthIs anothers painIs … Continue reading The Truth


I stare at myself in the mirrorExpression linesCreasesCrinklesA story etched into my foreheadWhen did I get wrinkles? I want them to leaveExit immediatelyI rub creams, oils, masksApply sunscreen desperatelyI wonder if you see what I seeInstead of looking into my eyesYou are looking at my linesFolds that tell you I’m getting old Markers of my … Continue reading Lines


I release my deepest desiresThrough my eyesI still don’t have an answerI still don’t know whyMust I always fill up my timeFor it isn’t until I have spaceThat I can arrange and placeMy feelingsMy dreams unrealizedQuiet my mind I’m a relationship with the SunI found the oneIt’s bright and yellowA handsome fellowThe trees whisperDon’t be … Continue reading Release


When do I become an adultAnd if I become oneDo I stay that way? Is it a state of mindLike being highThat I can slip in and out ofWhen it wears offGo back to my childish ways And then do I make a decisionTo be an adult againI do my laundry and pay my billsIt’s … Continue reading Adults

The Amazon

I’m throwing up. In a car, in Ecuador. And no one notices. It’s 5am, I try to close my eyes in the early morning light and sleep, but my stomach disagrees with my desires. The winding road does not agree with me either. I open my small empanada bag, my discarded breakfast, and continue purging. … Continue reading The Amazon

Hey Alexa

Turn off the lights, Sweep the floor, Because I can’t do things for myself anymore.  Alexa now lives with us all, However, Our new AI girlfriend is really a troll. Hey Alexa, Play my favorite song. It doesn’t seem like anything’s wrong. She’s now in my home, my bedroom, My space. We think we can … Continue reading Hey Alexa


I stand in a sea of mountains,  And ask,  Why have I been trying to make you love me?  Love either is or is not.  How silly of you to think you can create something out of nothing.  It was already here,  This love,  You just had to find it,  Within yourself.  I am the … Continue reading Love