Pussy Control

Control the women, they’re too emotionalTo make decisions for themselvesYou want to think for us all? It’s okay, we can playYour brain is betterYou can do experiments on meDon’t value my bodyYou look at it scientificallyTrying to prevent meFrom procreatingConstantly debatingMy rightsWhat I should decideIt’s my choice though I don’t want your fake hormonesThey change … Continue reading Pussy Control


I imagine the livesOf those who have pastI walk amongst what is left behindSpirituality and brutality existSide by side Self preservationIs in our natureWe have evolved so muchAnd shy away from warYet we have the same primal instinctsAs those who came before We need to conquer, explore, and claimMake love, reproduceAnd create Gods to explainAll … Continue reading Past

Left Behind

Freedom cannot be boughtIt’s something you’re born withBut why do I have itWhile you do notYour natural birth orderPrevents you from crossingAn arbitrary borderYou can’t see what I seeBut you didn’t do anythingTo be in that positionA passport is the keyBut you can’t get oneIt’s random luckUnfortunately you’re stuckIn the place where you’ve always beenWithout … Continue reading Left Behind

Swipe Right

Swipe right if you like what you seeBut you don’t really see meHow do you choose oneWhen you can always pick anotherThe next best thing is yet to comeWith the next swipeIt’s never quite right Welcome to the world of dreamsWhere everyone seems perfectMake yourself seem like the best versionFunny, smart, well wordedAlways searchingBut it’s … Continue reading Swipe Right