Heaven in Rwanda

Yes, there is a Heaven in Rwanda. It’s actually a bar and restaurant that I happened to stumble upon the last night of my trip. I was sitting there by myself, looking out over the city, struggling with the menu. I wanted something local, but didn’t know what to get. The owner then came to my table and we started to chat. He’s from NYC, lives here with his wife, he started to tell me about his book, but had to step away quickly after giving me some recommendations. Continue reading “Heaven in Rwanda”

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda

So I went to Rwanda on a whim and didn’t know much. I knew about the 1994 genocide, but had no clue what to expect. Whatever I thought it would be like was completely wrong. Had I know how lovely Kigali was, I’d have spent at least a week there. I will be back, and here’s why. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda”

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