Two Boxes and a Suitcase

That’s about all that I own at the moment. I’ve condensed all my worldly possessions into two boxes and a suitcase over the last few months. So much of the stuff I’ve been holding on to for so many years I don’t need, but I keep carrying it around with me, as if it’s a part of me. Why? What is my attachment to this stuff?


I’ve been letting go a lot lately. Letting go sounds negative, so I’ll say making more space (just, not for more stuff). My life has totally transformed over the past year. I’m detaching from possessions, ideas, and even thoughts about how/ where my life should be. Clothes that I want to wear or I think I might wear, but I don’t. Let’s me honest, I have about 10 outfits I’m in love with that I wear all the time.  I’m even oddly attached to my bath towels, like I’ll never find another bath towel that I’ll love. Not so practical for my new, rather transient life.

Sometimes I hold onto things that don’t benefit me. Material items, jobs, relationships. It’s so freeing to not carry excess stuff around. I found broken items I’ve been carrying around with me for years. If I haven’t used it or even touched it in the last year, it has to go. Once it’s gone, I really don’t think about it anymore.

So, what do I really need? Everyday I re-evaluate this question as I prepare to go abroad with just a suitcase. What is really valuable to me? Obviously I need some clothes, preferably comfortable ones. Most other things I can easily acquire wherever I am. It’s funny, I think the older I get, the less of an adult I am in terms of what I have. Perhaps what I have doesn’t matter. Maybe what I do is more important.

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  1. That’s awesome and such a good reminder. I remember having to get rid of so much stuff when I moved out of the country so that everything I owned could fit into two suitcases. It was terrifying at first, but the most I got rid of the easier it was to get rid of even more. I’ve learned the secret is to hold on to things loosely… there is something very special about it. 🙂 anyhoo… thanks for sharing!


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